Musical Instruments & Gear String Folk & World Banjos
PBJ60 5 String Banjo Chrome Plated Hardware Made w/Mahogany Rosewood & Maplewood
Free Gig Bag, 5 String Banjo, Remo Head, New
6 String Banjo, Closed Back, 24 Bracket, Remo Head, Free Gig Bag
New Top Grade Exquisite Professional Wood Metal 5-string Banjo
New 5 String Banjo Full Size with Closed Back 24 Brackets Head & Maple Neck
New High Quality Sapele and Alloy 6-string White and Dark Golden Banjo
Pulse* is the Future of Music Playing, and it Needs Your Help
“Use air gestures to navigate, dampen percussion with a hand, slam with drumsticks, brush on a drum, pluck strings ... musical instrument, even really rare instruments, as well as electronic sounds, effects, virtual microphone, venue acoustics, and audio ...
Annual Beavers Bend Folk Festival & Craft Show offers a world of fall outdoor entertainment
The sounds of banjoes, fiddles and dulcimer strings will fill the out doors and free Mountain Dulcimer workshops will be offered each day. Guests are invited to bring their own dulcimers or try their hand on instruments provided by instructors Keith and Da ...
Folk musician performs Saturday in Canton
Raised in the Adirondacks, Knight became interested in folk music ... the world, including England, Scotland, Central Asia, Columbia, and the Amazon region of Peru. He works as a folk singer, storyteller and outdoor leader. He plays a variety of ...
Korea's 'Hanoks' display acoustic excellence
"In particular, traditional Korean musical instruments -- including 'gayageum,' which is a Korean zither with twelve strings, or 'geomungo,' with six ... In the coming weeks, ASA's World Wide Press Room will be updated with additional tips on dozens ...
Renowned Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble performs in concert
The program will include Chinese music ranging from traditional to modern compositions, with performances on traditional bowed strings, plucked strings, winds, and percussion instruments. Additionally, the concert will feature the debut of the World Music ...
Oscar Schmidt OB4 5-string Banjo, Gloss Finish
New 4/5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case Black
New 4/5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case Black
New 4/5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case Black
Bart Reiter Standard 5 String Open Back Banjo
New 4/5/6 String Banjo High Quality with Closed Back Brackets Head & Maple Neck
New 4/5/6 String Banjo High Quality with Closed Back Brackets Head & Maple Neck
New 4/5/6 String Banjo High Quality with Closed Back Brackets Head & Maple Neck
New 4/5/6 String Banjo High Quality with Closed Back Brackets Head & Maple Neck
New Metal 5-string Full Size Allen Wrench Banjo With Back 24 Brackets Head
Alvarez Minstrel Bluegrass Banjo with hard case
New School Student Wood Alloy 6-string White and Dark Golden Banj Top Grade
Alvarez 4280 Banjo Guitar Awesome!! With Case Receipt Extras!! Lot P3
Dean Backwoods Mini Travel Banjo - BKS, Scratch & Dent Closeout
Banjo Chord Chart Poster Fretboard Rolls 5 String Chords Beginner Notes Theory
Appalachian Mountain banjo - John Peterson
Majestic Princess tenor banjo with the bell archtop tone ring Puntillio
High Quality 5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case Black
Recording King RK-R20 Songster Resonator Banjo
Professional 5 String Banjo +22 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard New
Vintage Silvertone 5 String Banjo With 50's Gibson Case
Recording King Archtop Hardshell Banjo Case with Green Interior
"Cigar Box" Banjo 5-string banjola guitar cbg handmade instrument folk string
Remo Weather King Banjo Made In Usa
New High Quality 4/5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case
Vintage Ibanez Artist 5 String Bluegrass Banjo Mint Rare w/HS Case
Heartwood 5-string Banjo
Vintage Paramount Style 'A' Tenor Banjo 1920s
Lanikai Acacia AC-CEC Cutaway Electric Concert Ukulele
Deering Jens Kruger Model
Dixon 5 string Banjo
Oscar Schmidt OB5 Gloss 5 string banjo w/resonator with Effin Tuner Bundle
Morgan Monroe BLACK 5-string banjo open back MB-75 clawhammer frailing
Gorgeous Very Rare Marion Kirk open back Banjo with ODE tone ring 1970s
Ome Juggernaut Banjo 5 String W/Road Case
Rogue Travel / Starter Banjo
Gold Tone CB100 5 string Open Back Banjo. Used, One year Old.
Epiphone MB-100 Banjo
Gold Tone BG-150F Bluegrass Banjo Vintage Brown
String Swing Oak Hardwood Home & Studio Banjo Hanger CC01B-O USA Made
Gold Tone CC-50 5-String 22-Fret Open Back Banjo sn 21110176 w/ Soft Case
Mahogany Banjo Resonator W/Two Concentric Rings White Binding New Unfinished WOW
New Guardian CG-020-J Black Tolex Hardshell Case for 5-String Resonator Banjo
mastercraft 5 string banjo
WHITE unmounted Calf or Goat Skin Banjo Head in 12, 14, 15 or 16"
gibson banjo neck RB-3 replacement
1970's Epiphone EB 90 Banjo - MIJ
Gourd Banjo by Barry 5 String Banjo perfect condition with case
HARDSHELL BANJO CASE - Universal Fits Most Standard Size - Travel Heavy Duty NEW
Superior CD-1536 Deluxe Archtop 12" Openback Banjo Case Very Nice LOOK !
Recording King RK-R30 BlueGrass Machine Banjo with Hardshell Case!
New Banjo Armrests Gibson-Style Single 1-Leg Brass 1930's Vintage Style - NICKEL
Tenor Banjo, Melody King, 1920's or 1930's (With Original Case)( original Key)
Washburn B9 5 String Closed Back Mahogany Banjo Blemish
Travel / Teen / Ladies 5-string open-back banjo (32" length)
Terry Mead Wooden Banjo Ukulele - Solid Spruce Top - Banjolele
Deering GoodTime II 5 String Banjo Rare - GUMBY Headstock (Early 2000's)
Recording King RK-20 Songster Resonator Banjo- lightly used with soft case
2017 Top Grade Exquisite Professional Wood Metal 5-string Banjo Full Size
Vintage Brass Fricticn Tuners
New High Quality 4/5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case
Banjo 11" Tone Ring Parts Project Luthier
Professional Wood Alloy Exquisite Sapelli Notopleura 6-string Banjo Dark Golden
Embroidered Deering Banjo Logo Long Sleeve Button Front Shirt Men's XL Dickies
Vintage Gold Tone 5 String 19 Fret Banjo
Gold Tone Ultimate Banjo Mute
New High Quality 4/5 String Hardsell Microgroove Leather Wood Banjos Hard Case
Banjo Tam Tambourine with padded bag 5 String Open Back Sold AS-IS No Returns
Washburn B17K 5 String Banjo
banjolele tenor size
Planet banjo tuners 1930s
5 String Open Back Folk Banjo
1978 Ibanez Artist 5 String Banjo 
Unmarked Banjo W/ Remo Weather King Head 5 Strings Project
5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Back and Geared 5th Tuner By Jameson
Mountain Man Banjo Kit DIY
Danville 5 String Banjo
Basic Banjo Kit from Backyard Music (32" length)
New High Quality 5-string Banjos Black Fine Leather Case Black
Recording King RK-R25-BR Madison Tube-and-Plate Resonator Banjo
Dean BW6E BC Classic Black 6-String w/Pickup Backwoods Banjo w/ Case!
Custom made Banjo inlayed Fret board for 5 string banjo
Gibson Prewar Granada Banjo 1927
Antique Vintage 1920's Bruno 6 String Banjo Guitar NO RESERVE!
Banjo Parts Hook & Nut Set (24) New Nickel ~Free Shipping To U.S.A.~
Wasburn B7 Open Back Banjo, Natural Finish, Free Shipping to Lower 48 States
Geared Fifth String Pegs, 4 Pcs. + Nuts, Luthier Parts
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New Century Saxophone Quartet finds place for instrument
"We work just as hard as string players ... But to Hayes, Bach is good for every instrument and every musician. "Everybody plays Bach. I've heard it on guitar and banjo and harmonica. His music is so strong and sturdy. It's about being a musician, not ...
Bela Fleck on the Flecktones: "I Wanted the Nerds to Run the Show!"
He completely defies the notion of what a banjo-toting music man has come to represent. He's unafraid to venture into realms far afield of bluegrass or the traditional turf that's always provided a comfortable fit for his instrument. Both on his own ...
Reimagining Persia's musical traditions
Mohammad Reza Shajarian, once dubbed "the Pavarotti of Persian classical music" by ... organize the string section for the New Instrument Orchestra, in which he plays one of Shajarian's designs called a del odel. "It's like bowing a banjo," Brezina ...
Sigma SDM-15
We recently reviewed Martin's own wonderful M-series instruments ... who are not aligned to any gear manufacturer or retailer. Our experts also write for renowned magazines such as Guitarist, Total Guitar, Computer Music, Future Music and Rhythm.
National Banjo champ Furtado looking forward to Park City house concert
and one of the projects was to do a report on a musical instrument and make it out of household items." Furtado chose the banjo. "I made a little banjo out of a pie tin, paper, sticks, rubber bands and nylon fishing string, and it was a great ...
5 questions with Yonder Mountain String Band
With a banjo, a guitar, an upright bass and a mandolin — and four talented musicians to play them — Yonder Mountain String Band’s songs ... would it sound like if we tried to play music like that with the instruments that we have?’