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Electric zither
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Oscar Schmidt Autoharp 36 String
Autoharp. Oscar Schmidt
Pulse* is the Future of Music Playing, and it Needs Your Help
“Use air gestures to navigate, dampen percussion with a hand, slam with drumsticks, brush on a drum, pluck strings ... musical instrument, even really rare instruments, as well as electronic sounds, effects, virtual microphone, venue acoustics, and audio ...
Annual Beavers Bend Folk Festival & Craft Show offers a world of fall outdoor entertainment
The sounds of banjoes, fiddles and dulcimer strings will fill the out doors and free Mountain Dulcimer workshops will be offered each day. Guests are invited to bring their own dulcimers or try their hand on instruments provided by instructors Keith and Da ...
Folk musician performs Saturday in Canton
Raised in the Adirondacks, Knight became interested in folk music ... the world, including England, Scotland, Central Asia, Columbia, and the Amazon region of Peru. He works as a folk singer, storyteller and outdoor leader. He plays a variety of ...
Korea's 'Hanoks' display acoustic excellence
"In particular, traditional Korean musical instruments -- including 'gayageum,' which is a Korean zither with twelve strings, or 'geomungo,' with six ... In the coming weeks, ASA's World Wide Press Room will be updated with additional tips on dozens ...
Renowned Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble performs in concert
The program will include Chinese music ranging from traditional to modern compositions, with performances on traditional bowed strings, plucked strings, winds, and percussion instruments. Additionally, the concert will feature the debut of the World Music ...
Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt W/ Case Model 21 C/R
Oscar Schmidt 21-Chord Autoharp with Case & Tuning Fork 36 strings
Sekova ChromAharp Autoharp
Vtg Oscar Schmidt AUTOHARP 21-chord, 36 strings, Pick, Manual, Tuner
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Antique Zither-Pianophone-Auto Harp-Marxophone?
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Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt
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Guitar Zither
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Lap Harp Zither Sheet Music ~ Child's Play; Children's Favorite Songs
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Apr 20, 1963
Her prodigious musical ... autoharp. Fans of the underappreciated instrument must hear her performance on "Little Brown Jug" and "Rosewood Casket." She tells a comical story about how her daughter, June Carter, kept confusing her autoharp for a zither.
Visiting North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom
We cross a bridge to an island in the Taedong River, and pull up to the 47-story Yanggakdo International Hotel, with 1000 rooms, a revolving restaurant on top, a lobby bar with Taedonggang, a very good beer, and room television with five ...
Undiscovered musician? He's unbelievable
He runs a little music shop in Garden Grove, where he sells an odd instrument with 37 strings. It looks like a zither, which is to say it resembles ... was named the Mt. Laurel Autoharp Gathering champion in June 2011. Choi opened Grace Music in 1991 ...
'Harpejji' gaining traction in music world
But keyboard use in the pop music world ... making his own string instrument. "It was the only way to get what I wanted," he said. He took inspiration from a variety of existing ones — electric guitar, piano, bass, harp, autoharp, zither, as well as ...
Interview with Jeff Rona
I did use one exotic instrument to suggest some aspect of eastern music, but it’s actually a strange American instrument called, ironically, a Marxophone. It’s a sort of autoharp/dulcimer ... score does feature a lot of strings and other live players ...
Dulcimer club plays beautiful music at workshop
The word "dulcimer" may be familiar to some people as a kind of stringed instrument, but most couldn't pick one off the shelf at a music store or recognize its sound. Members of the Big Country Autoharp ... zither, which is any boxlike instrument with ...